MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund Update: Top Music Organizations, Charitable Foundations & More Make Major Donations

There are thousands of people whose main source of income is not digital downloads or album sales, but the income they earn from performing live. One of the first areas affected by this crisis was live performances-large and small. Artists, as well as their bands, teams, technicians, and promoters, are certainly not the only ones in the music industry or in the world who have been affected by the pandemic. But they are the creators of world music, and it's not just about their loss of income. These artists face the same health safety and security threats just like it happens with us.
Sensitive Sound wants to help these artists, and we invite the Hi-Fi family to join our efforts.

In may we will create a program of sales and donations on our website.


We have significantly lowered the American price for MC cartridges and now we are going to donate $100 from each sale to our friends at MusiCares.


They set up an amazing COVID-19 Relief Fund, to learn more – follow this link:

MusiCares has partnered with Spotify, who is going to match your $100 donation, providing a whopping $200 a pop to artists in need.
 If you are feeling generous but not able to pick up the MC CARTRIDGES , there is a great option to donate directly to MusiCares through their website. Promotion of MC cartridges is available throughout the country, and some foreign regions may participate in it.
These artists make our Audio Journey possible, and we’re here to shout it from the rooftops: Music matters! Thank you, musicians!
Thanks for being a part of our global Hi-Fi Family.

I wish you to be healthy,
Roman Lebedev.