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Nowadays, an individual unique approach to the production of modern musical instruments and their parts is becoming more and more important.
The author's ingenuity can significantly complement and enhance the emotional and expressive essence of the music.

This allows you to open previously unseen horizons, crystal clear sound of musical instruments and reveal their hidden potential. 


The conquest of time 

Time passes quickly and leaves behind everything that has no more value. Only real art finds its place in history and in private collections of music lovers. The world's first new quality standard - Sensitive Sound's proprietary powerful magnetic generator with an advanced patented design, marks a new milestone in the sound art.


Following the best traditions, each model of MC cartridges emphasizes the technical perfection and beauty of the mechanism, and also gives you the opportunity to admire the symmetrically positioned powerful magnets with a field stabilization element (FSE), which provide high conductivity of the magnetic flux.


All models of MC cartridges by Sensitive Sound impress with their timbre richness, clarity and the open live 'performance'. 

The Bel Canto voice captivates the listener with its subtle tones; it is beautiful and rich in every register, light, open and detailed, every breath is transmitted clearly and freely. 

The new quality standard was named - Sensitive Sound 

The pleasant lines of the MC cartridges and the high quality of the hand-made construction.

The master, who is inspired by the sound, has combined in a beautiful creation unique materials that are built so firmly and elegantly that expands the true work of musical art.

Heavy, incredibly reliable, with a high working resource for true connoisseurs of the art of sound.


You can clearly hear the acoustic stage of the concert hall and the 'breathing of the orchestra'. 

The piano is played with extreme precision and creates the effect of exposure.

The timpani in the low-frequency range with a powerful "fortissimo" are deep, distinct and open.

Deep, thick and intense bass endlessly fills the space.

A beautiful multi-dimensional space conveys dynamic contrasts.

The stereo panorama extension provides perfect front alignment, depth sensitivity, and realistic fast transitions.

The dimensional canvas of sounds flows and envelops the listener. 

The timbre of instruments and voices is transmitted naturally while preserving their fascinating warmth and power, which makes a lasting impression. 


Welcome to the amazing world of analog music by Sensitive Sound.