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20 - years of experience and qualified specialists will save you from many problems! You will definitely be satisfied with the result,

as we guarantee the best European service for the repair of sound pickups of any complexity!

We offer the best services for your pleasure!

All types of cantilever with a Diamond profile, for the repair of pickups.


Semi Line Contact



Boron cantilever (diameter 0.28 mm)


*Stylus profile Micro Ridge.
*Stylus profile Micro line contact.
*Stylus profile Semi-line contact.
*Stylus profile Shibata (SH) lll.

*Stylus profile Elliptical.

Aluminum cantilever.

*Stylus Aluminum profile PH Diamond.
*Stylus Aluminum profile Elliptical Diamond (0.2-0.7)Mil.

*Stylus Aluminum profile Elliptical Diamond (0.3-0.7)Mil.

*Stylus Aluminum profile Conical Diamond.-0.5/0.6/0.7-Mil.

List of the following works

List of works:
1. Diagnostics.
2. Check the wear of the crystal. Measuring the wear of a narrow wall, measuring the wear spots of the crystal.
    Any type of profile,with a special microscope.
3. Cleaning.
4. Install a new, leash generator.
5. Install a new, generator anchor : Permalloy N79, Permendyur.
6. Install a new one, the cantilever holder: Titanium tube.
7. Winding the generator with enamel wire Siemens, Alcatel, Motorola, Elektrisola.N6/N7/N8, the required cross-section and those characteristics according to the manufacturer's brand.
8. Install a new cantilever.
9. Install a new rubber dampener.
10. Repair, replacement of the contact group: Copper, Silver,Gold.
11. Setting the generator gap.
12. Adjustment, assembly.
13. Checking the technical characteristics, removing the frequency response of the cartridges, on precision measuring equipment, Bruel&Kjaer.
14. Photo and video report on the work done.
15. A warranty card is provided for the work performed - 1 year.



MC cartridges with sensitive sound are a very high quality device.

To support our customers who accidentally damaged MC cartridges Sensitive Sound company provides repair services.



1.1. The buyer in a direct form agrees that this defect is not a warranty case.

1.2. The Sensitive Sound company guarantees that quality and technical characteristics of the repaired product will correspond to quality and technical characteristics of a new product.

1.3. On the repaired MC cartridges, the guarantee from defects of production and materials for the term of 1 year of date of repair is provided. Date of repair will be specified in the Certificate on check attached to the repaired MC cartridges.



2.1. When you receive a new diamond needle, it will be installed. All refurbished MC cartridges are a new product with a new electromagnetic core system.

2.2. The MC cartridges will be cleared and checked.

2.3. The inspection certificate will be applied to refurbished cartridges MC.


3.1. Defective MS cartridges must be sent to us.

3.2. While sending defective MC, cartridges must be carefully Packed. And securely fixed with mounting screws.

3.3 Sensitive Sound provides this service for three weeks after receiving the defective MC cartridges.

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We offer you a professional repairing service for vinyl records pickups of any complexity

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We offer professional repair services for pickups for vinyl records of any complexity.