MC Cartridges Splash X7

Frequency response: 10 Hz〜50 kHz (± 1 dB).
Boron cantilever: 0,28 mm.
Diamond needle, the line of contact (SH)lll (0.3 x 0.7 µm).
Case material: high precision CNC machining from a single piece of aircraft aluminum.
Output voltage: 0.6 mV (5cm / sec, 1kHz).
More channel Separation: 30dB (1kHz).
The imbalance of channels: 0,3 dB (1 kHz).
Coil Resistance: 7 Ohm.
Dynamic compliance: 12X10 cm / Dean.
Recommended tracking force: 1,70-1,85 g.
Weight of cartridge: 9.65 g


New design of a magnetic circuit  Moving-Coil Stereo Phono Cartridge. 

SENSITIVE SOUND is the modern version again turns the analog world on its ear with the introduction of the SLASH phono cartridge. 

SLASH was designed with a strong emphasis on engineering efficiency, so that its performance would be as far beyond the sum of its parts as possible. For this reason, although it shares some of its design philosophy with ART, the concepts are executed rather differently.

SLASH  The constrained-layer nature of this construction dramatically reduces the resonant signature of each material and creates a far more neutral-sounding body structure than otherwise possible, while the high body stiffness benefits transients, dynamics and resolution.

SLASH uses a  neodymium magnet system, diamond-coated boron rod cantilever 0.28 mm line-contact (SH)lll stylus, to mount the cantilever directly into the cartridge body to create a rigid, seamless connection between the cantilever assembly and tonearm headshell.

We firmly believe that the SLASH represents an important step forward in LP playback.